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Garage door in autumn

Door Pro recommends your garage door be serviced at least once a year.

Our technicians are the best in Memphis. They will inspect the garage door, garage door operator, and all their components. They will advise you on which parts are worn and which parts are in good working

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Spring Replacement – “My garage door won’t open. I have pulled the red emergency release cord, and I can’t raise the door.”

  • A torsion spring is located above the garage door. It will be on a tube or pipe that runs from one side to the other. A broken spring will have a two inch gap between the coils. Garage doors will
    have a single large spring or a set of springs to counter balance the section’s weight. DoorPro recommends replacing a single spring with a of springs. We also recommend replacing both springs when you have a set of springs instead of just replacing the one broken spring. The second spring almost always breaks a couple. months later.

Off Track – “My garage door is crooked. One side IS higher than the other side. Rollers are out of the track and the door is about to fall.”

  • An off track door is a door in which one or both of the cables have come off the drum. The cable runs from the bottom of the door to the drums on the torsion tube. Cable can come off for various reasons — from rollers dragging to the door shutting down on something.Door Pro recommends replacing the smaller thinner drums (400-8) with the wider drums (400-12). They will help prevent the cables from jumping off the edge of the drums.

Door Binding – “My garage door seems to struggle when opening. My garage door is making a screeching and/or popping noise when in operation.”

  • A binding door can be caused by several worn parts. The most common worn parts are the rollers. Rollers that are worn out make the door drag. They also put a strain on the operator. The operator will lose years of its life cycles from pushing and pulling a door that is dragging. Another cause of the door binding is cracked or fatigued sections. A section that has a crack or has lost its integrity will not fit the adjacent sections. The operator will have to force the sections together and make these noises.

DoorPro recommends adding a strut to the cracked or fatigued section. A strut is a support brace that runs the full length of the section. it gives the section back its ability. We also recommend replacing the rollers in the door with nylon coated ball bearing rollers. These rollers are quieter and stronger than the basic rollers.

Operator Malfunctions – “My garage door operator is running but nothing is moving. My chain is sagging down from the rail. My operator stopped working after the storm yesterday.”

  • There are several operator malfunctions. The most common malfunction is the operator running but nothing is moving. The cause of this is when the Drive Gear is worn out. The average life expectancy of this gear is about six to eight years. The door operation (door binding) has an effect on the gears life. A sagging chain may be a sign that the sprocket on the operator is wearing out.

DoorPro recommends your garage door and operator be inspected at least once a year for worn parts.